When I graduated in aerospace and ocean engineering I was one of eight out of 80 or so? The professors did not Didn’t take me very seriously. I um, I was definitely going through imposter syndrome as I was going through graduate school. The concern that perhaps I didn’t have what it took to do something as grandiose as say, the Pluto flyby. That is something that I can struggle with is saying like, “Should I be here?” The guys didn’t have to leave early to go pick up a kid. They didn’t have to say home when the child was sick. You would come against this feeling of just whether you really belonged there. I wondered if I deserved it or not. There have been many times I’ve walked into a room and someone has assumed that I was just there to kind of help, um, and not the person who was leading the meeting. I need to prove myself. I need to do above and beyond. I want women to be able to have the same opportunities and not have to go the extra mile to prove themselves. It’s really important to see other women doing important and exciting things. Being in a group that there were more women, you felt like women’s, you know, thoughts, and um jobs they did were valued here. So coming here at the Lab I see people who are doing all sorts of research and I’m like “Oh, I never knew that was a possibility.” I’ve been able to give people the opportunities to try a lot of this stuff and I think it makes us a, a much more well-rounded team, a well-rounded organization. Sometimes people in you things you cannot see in yourself. I’ve had people who literally said, “Hey there’s a position, you should apply.” It gives you that confidence to go forward. That somebody there’s supporting you. Having that sort of person either in your corner physically or in your corner like, in your head. And to have others who believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. Or sometimes more. I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be solved with hard work and um, curiosity. You can do whatever you put your mind to. It takes hard work, You’re gonna fail. When there’s a failure you can learn from it, and what an awesome opportunity you have to not repeat that. You know, if you’re interested about something go learn the skills that it takes to understand and solve the problem. Don’t stop just because you don’t have the right background today, cause background can be learned with effort and interest, and passion goes a long way. Be persistent, be resilient, and whatever you set up as your goal is doable. And if you don’t feel it initially it will come, so just, jump right in. Just know that you’re not alone, that we’re all striving to better the world hopefully to make this more inclusive for everyone. In the future I want to see a world where, both boys and girls can grow up and have this even playing field where they both think anything is possible and they can pursue their dreams, whatever those dreams may be. Every human being that is working in STEM really just touches as many people as possible to encourage them to really see the light of what these fields can do. Take a chance, put yourself out there, and it’s amazing what you can accomplish.